Many consider Mitavite to be the leader in horse feed in Australia. Mitavite have a range of feeds to suit any age of horse.. huge steps have been taken in recent years through research and feed processing techniques, to improving the performance, health, wellbeing and longevity of horses. Since Mitavite’s inception in 1987, their principle focus has been to provide premium nutrition for horses in all disciplines and activities. Mitavite feeds are the most popular choice of Australian trainers in both harness and thoroughbred racing , but they have also had considerable success in the area of aged horse nutrition, with their Gumnuts horse feed. Gumnuts contains high levels of highly digestible, horse perfect protein and energy, coupled with vitamins, minerals and the pro-biotic Protexin. What makes Mitavite unique is the formulation of their amino acid (protein) profiles and the effect that this has on a horses BMI, growth, performance and recovery after strenuous exercise. The success of Mitavite feeds can be seen equally in youngstock, race horses, sport and leisure horses and of course our older equine friends. See more at:

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